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Tucked away from the hustle & bustle of the city centre, The Bank Tavern has stood since the 1800’s. Surviving an alarming number of riots, two world wars, Bristol City Council town planners and Thatcher.

An independent free house, it prides itself on an award winning ales and ciders, excellent food and not taking itself too seriously.

With music on throughout the week and an ever rotating selection of ales & ciders its always worth a visit. Check out our Kitchen page, and Listings page!


Breaking News

Utter lunatics taking their kids to a festival
Posted 1 day 4 hours 42 minutes ago
A PAIR of deranged maniacs are going to take their children to a music festival while their friends stand back and let them.


Only even numbers of fruit and vegetables are healthy, experts declare
Posted 1 day 6 hours 45 minutes ago
NUTRITIONISTS have claimed eating two, four, six, or eight portions of fruit and vegetables every day is healthy, but eating one, three, five, or seven could be fatal.


Who needs Bowie when we have Ed Sheeran? asks younger generation
Posted 1 day 7 hours 41 minutes ago
TEENAGERS have declared themselves privileged to live in the golden age of music represented by flame-haired genius Ed Sheeran.


Corbyn admits there are serious flaws with Britain’s voters
Posted 1 day 8 hours 25 minutes ago
JEREMY Corbyn had admitted that Labour’s Copeland loss means they can no longer ignore the serious flaws of Britain’s electorate.


Leicester City owners fire Ranieri, fans and surrounding conurbation
Posted 1 day 9 hours 11 minutes ago
LEICESTER City’s owners have sacked title-winning manager Claudio Ranieri, the fans of the club and the city of Leicester itself.


‘Who needs MPs?’ says UKIP
Posted 1 day 9 hours 42 minutes ago
UKIP have responded to the Stoke by-election defeat by saying they do not need MPs because everyone does what they want anyway.


Guardian reveals how to cook the perfect meth
Posted 2 days 6 hours 32 minutes ago
THE Guardian has published a guide to cooking quick, but delicious crystal meth for a casual Friday night get-together.


Britain anxiously awaiting verdict of handful of people who can be arsed to vote
Posted 2 days 7 hours 9 minutes ago
BRITAIN is waiting with bated breath for the verdict of the few people in Stoke and Copeland who can be arsed to vote, it has been confirmed.


Brexit optimism highest among people who love setting fire to things
Posted 2 days 8 hours 10 minutes ago
PEOPLE who love starting fires and watching others run for their lives are the most upbeat about Brexit, it has emerged.


New BBC Scotland channel to show English programmes with derisive Scottish commentary
Posted 2 days 8 hours 54 minutes ago
A NEW BBC Scotland channel will show English period dramas with voiceovers from Scottish people calling everyone ‘bawbags’.


Trump is on glue, confirms White House
Posted 2 days 9 hours 15 minutes ago
THE White House has confirmed that President Donald Trump is on glue.


Unhealthiest nation in Europe encouraged to watch more telly
Posted 3 days 3 hours 45 minutes ago
THE BBC is to intensify its war on Scotland by giving Europe’s unhealthiest population more television to watch.


Rugby under increasing pressure to come up with set of rules
Posted 3 days 6 hours 34 minutes ago
RUGBY Union chiefs have been forced to admit the sport is a bloodletting free-for-all that may need some rules.


Even funny pie stories now ending in abject misery
Posted 3 days 7 hours 24 minutes ago
EVEN funny stories about a fat man eating a pie now end in the ruination of everyone involved, it has been confirmed.


Woman loves Amazon Echo thing more than she loves boyfriend
Posted 3 days 8 hours 27 minutes ago
A woman has developed feelings for a device that is more attentive and useful than her boyfriend, it has emerged.


New parents grateful for deluge of contradictory advice
Posted 3 days 9 hours 18 minutes ago
FIRST-TIME parents have expressed their gratitude for the deluge of completely incompatible, hysterical advice.


Woman who keeps voting Tory can’t work out why public services are shit
Posted 3 days 9 hours 33 minutes ago
A WOMAN who keeps voting for Conservative governments cannot understand why her local services are terrible.


Bovis homes turning up in TK Maxx
Posted 4 days 4 hours 43 minutes ago
A NUMBER of Bovis houses have appeared on shelves at TK Maxx after recent damage to the brand.


Dalai Lama claims indifference to getting 50k likes for last status update
Posted 4 days 7 hours 28 minutes ago
THE Dalai Lama has claimed that he is not bothered about getting 50,000 ‘Likes' for his last Facebook post.


Woman cannot be arsed to have a baby
Posted 4 days 8 hours 26 minutes ago
A WOMAN has decided against having children because it is loads of hassle.