If we had a philosophy (we don’t - we’re far too relaxed to maintain one of those) it would be to ask of every dish; is it seasonal? Is it local? If not, why not? Next we ask is this going to make a cracking lunch for someone and will they go out of their way to come back for more?

If you choose to eat at The Bank Tavern you will be presented with a menu that holds elements of pub tradition combined with a rather eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional dishes from around the world. We are responsible for perhaps the best burger in Bristol and every Sunday you will find a menu that would not be out of place at a fine dining establishment but served up with a down to earth demeanour.

We never pay anyone to do something that we can do better ourselves. This is why you will find us baking bread, curing ham and filling sausages whilst other chefs are still in bed (except for hotel breakfast chefs… those guys start at something stupid like 3 a.m. ) If you’re in a rush simply pick what you want from our menu and tell us what time you’ll be in. We’ll be more than happy to accommodate you!

Breaking News

Daddy uses all the best words when he’s driving, kids agree
Posted 14 hours 57 minutes ago
TWO children have agreed that they pick up all the most useful phrases when Daddy is driving them to school.


Dear Holly, My brother has become a problem for the family – Ivanka, Washington DC
Posted 15 hours 32 minutes ago
"Donald Jr has a good heart but he is weak, and stupid, and this is life and death."


Queen poleaxes disgraceful Canadian with elbow to the chin
Posted 17 hours 14 minutes ago
THE Queen has responded to a breach of etiquette by Canada’s Governor General by smashing her elbow into his chin.


Corbyn embraces populism with pledge to ban U2
Posted 17 hours 38 minutes ago
JEREMY Corbyn has pledged that a Labour government would ban U2 from Britain.


We may have too much money, admit couple doing up wet room again
Posted 18 hours 3 minutes ago
A COUPLE have admitted they may have too much spare cash after deciding to refurbish their shower room for the third time in 10 years.


Facebook told to piss off with this ‘Friendversary’ thing 

Posted 18 hours 27 minutes ago
FACEBOOK needs to stop telling people how long they have been friends on Facebook, because no-one gives a shit, it has been confirmed.


Whatever happened to nunchucks? asks Britain
Posted 19 hours 20 minutes ago
THE number of nunchucks in British homes is at its lowest level since the 1960s, according to new research.


Average person spends 10 years reading idiots’ opinions online
Posted 19 hours 37 minutes ago
AN AVERAGE person aged between 25 and 45 has spent a full decade reading the opinions of complete idiots on the internet, researchers have found.


Scientists discover homeopaths also make shitty, weak tea
Posted 20 hours 1 minute ago
TEA made by homeopaths does not actually contain any active tea ingredients, a study has shown.


No such thing as an unsackable minister, says politician oblivious to irony
Posted 20 hours 40 minutes ago
THE prime minister has been praised for her obliviousness to irony after claiming there is 'no such thing as an unsackable minister'.


Christ, that bloke off Casualty gets shitloads, says Britain
Posted 1 day 17 hours 33 minutes ago
THE UK had no idea that him off Casualty, the one who’s been in it for years, took it home in a f**king wheelbarrow.


HS2 to go directly through angry Yorkshireman’s living room
Posted 1 day 18 hours 20 minutes ago
THE new HS2 route will pass directly through a Doncaster man’s living room, between the TV and the sofa, every 30 minutes.


Channel 5 reveals salaries of both its staff
Posted 1 day 18 hours 45 minutes ago
CHANNEL Five has revealed the salaries of the woman who chooses the programmes and the man who pixelates the breasts.


Metropolitan types clearly shitting it in country pub
Posted 1 day 19 hours 37 minutes ago
A GROUP of London media types are having an absolute nightmare in a rural pub, it has been revealed.


Tall people unveil plan to stand right at the front
Posted 1 day 20 hours 1 minute ago
PEOPLE of above-average height have declared their intention to stand in the very front row at all times.


BBC stars should be paid between no more than £38,000, confirm licence payers
Posted 1 day 20 hours 34 minutes ago
TOP BBC stars should be earning between £25,000 and £38,000 a year, on a sliding scale, licence payers have agreed.


Man working late to avoid dinnertime with his children
Posted 2 days 14 hours 36 minutes ago
A FATHER of three has admitted to deliberately staying late in the office so he will not have to endure the utter hell of eating dinner with his family.


Schools blow £1.3 billion windfall on electricity, furniture and books
Posted 2 days 15 hours 23 minutes ago
UK schools are treating themselves to luxuries like pens, textbooks and buckets to catch leaks after receiving a gigantic windfall from the government.


Tories to keep eating each other until there is just one big Tory left
Posted 2 days 16 hours 51 minutes ago
THE Conservatives have confirmed they will continue to eat each other until only one giant, bloated Tory remains.


Eternal vengeance sworn on van driver by motorist who really means it this time
Posted 2 days 17 hours 46 minutes ago
A MOTORIST has solemnly promised the van driver who cut him up that this time he really will ruin his life.